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      I’m not sure if you read this board, but I just wanted to respond to your YouTube show today, regarding Dante Moore. I listened to the first hour of the show while I ran today, and haven’t had the opportunity to check out the second half of the show yet. I was left scratching my head that after an hour of you and Ryan Roberts talking about Dante and his recruitment, you never once mentioned the, obvious, elephant in the room… NIL.

      You’ve mentioned previously that not all players receive NIL money, nor are all kids necessarily after it. While that is true, it’s becoming less true than ever now that the NCAA has lost control (as was to be expected) of how / how much NIL money is reaching recruits. While not every player will receive NIL money, the overwhelming number of the 5 star players in the country will. No position is that more true than at quarterback, given how vital they are to team success, and how quickly an elite QB can change the narrative around a program, or get a team over the top. When you look at the money Quinn Ewers was assured to leave Texas for Ohio State, or what Caleb Williams will be getting to transfer to his new “home”, one thing is obvious; the top signal callers are going to be offered top dollar. If you’re Notre Dame, and you want to be consistently behind, pretending that we still live in a world where college sports are amateur in nature, you’re going to struggle MIGHTILY to attract an elite QB, when that player can go to any number of top end schools that have not only produced / developed better QB’s than you have in recent memory, but who are also willing to ensure that said player is adequately compensated for his talent and the money that he’ll bring your program, if he’s a good as you think he can be (hence the reason you recruited him).

      We can talk all we want about ND needing to put the full court press on Dante Moore. You can have every coach on staff reach out the him, every day. You can have the recruits in the class make him their top target. You can build a top notch relationship with him that puts you right there with the top 2-3 other teams on his list. But if you’re Dante Moore, how to you justify going to Notre Dame over a school like Ohio State or Michigan, if the latter schools are willing to ensure you get paid, lets say $500,000 per year, to be the future face of their program, and help ensure that you graduate wealthy and well on your way to being set for life, even if the NFL doesn’t work for you?

      Ultimately, if Notre Dame wants to land the type of QB that you’re talking about passing up on other top 100 guys for (Dante Moore, for example), they’ll build the strongest relationship with him, recruit him as hard as anyone else in the country, convince him of what Notre Dame can do for him after football, AND ensure that they have alumni willing to put a compensation package together for him that makes coming to Notre Dame a reasonable financial decision for the NOW, instead of going to a place like Ohio State, Michigan or a southern power. The same can be said for a guys like Carnell Tate, Jaylon Brown, Keon Keeley and Anthony Hill.

      Not every kid needs to be paid big money. But if you want to swim with the sharks, you need to have a concrete financial plan for those 5-6 players in each class that will put you over the top. I’m talking QB, and an elite LT, WR, DE and CB, the most important positions in modern college football.

      I don’t want to hear anyone complaining that ND couldn’t land Dante Moore, if they don’t have a top notch compensation package put together for him. Curious if I missed you addressing this in the second half of the show today, or if you purposely left it out? If you did, I’m curious as to why?

      Landow Calrissian

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        I was also curious if when on campus or otherwise are there rules on who Dante can have contact with. Don’t know if there is any benefit to have him meet and having a conversation with the Bus. Both being from Detroit and what not.


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          Hello IIO!!  Miss talking to you brother and good to see you over here from Rivals.  Bryan does look at this board.  But there are multiple threads and conversations about this on the pay board right now.


          You should come join us 🙂

          Bryan Driskell

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            I’m not going to obsess over NIL and act as if that’s the only thing that matters for a million reasons.


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              IIO, nice hearing from you


              I am sure Notre Dame has NIL programs and probably NIL problems.  How much they can provide is the question

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