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      I’m Hey guys just wondering what would you do in this situation. Dante Moore does come to nd. But let’s look ahead. If Tyler Buchner is the player we thinks and he stays for his senier year. Would you be fine with moores first year being as a junior?

      Brian Kelly

        IB Spectators (Free)

        Perhaps worry about this when/if Moore suits up for ND.  Good lord.

        Kenny Moore

          IB Insider (Annual)

          No I would not be fine because Dante Moore isn’t waiting until his junior year to play. That will never happen. Moore might not start day 1 but he is going to be hell bent on playing early and often as a freshman because he has the ability to do it. I dont know for certain but I would imagine Freeman and Rees are selling him on early playing time. I look for Dante to take a similar path to Trevor Lawrence. Sit and watch a few games and take the QB position over as a freshman.

          I like Tyler Buchner a ton and think he will be really good for us but Dante is just different.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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