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      IB Spectators (Free)

      Hey folks,

      I’m new to the board and just wanted to say “hi” to everyone. Figured I’d make my first post by presenting my realistic recruiting big board for ND in the class of 2023. Feel free to discuss or any questions you might have noted that I will not include any players, connected to ND, or not, that I don’t feel that Notre Dame has a legitimate chance of landing. If you follow recruiting long enough, you learn to see through the “talk”. As somebody that has been involved with recruiting for years, I feel like my “BS” detector is pretty good.

      I’ve rank ordered the players at each position, according to my personal evaluation of the players involved. I expect many will disagree.

      Quarterback (needs 1-2)

      1. Chris Vizzina

      2. Dante Moore

      3. Jackson Arnold

      4. Avery Johnson

      Running back (needs 1-2)

      1. Cedric Baxter

      2. Samuel Singleton

      3. Jayden Limar

      4. Marquese Williams

      5. Sedrick Irivin Jr (committed)

      6. Christian Davis

      Wide Receiver (needs 3-4)

      1. Carnell Tate

      2. Jalen Brown

      3. Noah Rogers

      4. Kyler Kasper

      5. Malik Elzy

      6. Ronan Hanafin

      Tight End (needs 1-2)

      1. Duce Robinson

      2. Jaxon Howard

      3. Riley Williams

      4. Cooper Flanagan (committed)

      Offensive Line (needs 3-4)

      1. Charles Jagusah

      2. Samson Okunlola

      3. Sully Absher

      4. Chase Bisontis

      5. Monroe Freeling

      6. Dylan Senda

      7. Luke Burgess

      8. Trevor Lauck

      Defensive Tackle (needs 1-2)

      1. Jason Moore

      2. Luke Montgomery

      3. Kendrick Gilbert

      Defensive Edge (needs 2-3) 

      1. Keon Keeley (committed)

      2. Samuel M’Pemba

      3. Boubacar Traore

      4. Brenan Vernon (committed)

      5. Ta’Mere Robinson

      Linebacker (needs 2)

      1. Nyckoles Harbor

      2. Drayk Bowen (committed)

      3. Troy Ford

      4. Kadin Feagan

      Safety (needs 2-3)

      1. Peyton Bowen

      2. Adon Schuler

      3. Ryan Yaites

      4. Terrance Love

      5. Damon Walters

      6. King Mack

      Cornerback (needs 2-3)

      1. Malik Muhammad

      2. Justyn Rhett (committed)

      3. Caleb Presley

      4. Christian Gray

      5. Micah Tease

      Note: you’ll immediately notice that there some names that have been previously connected to Notre Dame, that I’ve left off the list. Some examples are AJ Harris, Kadyn Proctor, Caleb Downs, Nicholas Imaleava and Justice Haynes… I’ll eat my shoe if any of those kids ends up at Notre Dame. The combination of NIL that ND won’t be willing to match and “hometown” schools that won’t let those guys get far from home, will be too much for ND to overcome.

      Above is just my initial board of guys that ND is targeting. I’ll add and substract names as they come onto / come off of the board. I’d venture to say that about 80% of the 2023 class HAS to to come from that board if ND wants to land a top 5 class in 2023.



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      Michael Peak

        IB Insider (Monthly)

        IO!!!  I have not seen you around on any boards in what feels like forever.  Welcome to the IB family.


          IB Spectators (Free)

          Thanks man! Thought I’d try something / somewhere new. Bryan is an old friend of mine, so I came to check out his board!

          Kevin O

            IB Spectators (Free)

            The free board doesn’t seem to get much traction but several folks have mentioned you on the pay board recently.  I always appreciated you on the Rivals board.  You were my best source of recruiting info for a long time.


              IB Insider (Annual)

              Now make the jump to the pay board


                IB Spectators (Free)

                I read you were over here so I thought I’d drop by and say hi. Great info as usual. Some are calling this the greatest class in ND football history. What do you think? It covers too much ground for me and too many excellent classes. You take care friend and come back to see us. You are greatly missed over there.


                  IB Spectators (Free)

                  Wassup IIO.  Good to c u still upright

                  why did u abandon the other board?   Good to c u hete




                    IB Insider (Annual)


                    I see you came over from one of the other sites also.  I always enjoyed your posts, this one included.   Haven’t posted much in the past but hope to start doing more now.  Much more in depth content here at IB.


                      IB Spectators (Free)

                      Would love to see IIO’s updated thoughts.

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