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Sam Hartman And The Deep Ball

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    Bryan Driskell

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      Here’s an example of the kind of content that we have on the Champions Lounge premium board

      On this play Wake Forest is running a 3×1 formation. They are running a horizontal stretch concept, which means they are trying to stretch the defense across the field. Florida State has two safeties on the play, but the field safety (FS) is lined up closer ot the line, and the nearside inside backer (ILB) is tight inside. That means the FS is either going to fly open to the field, which is unlikely from that alignment, or he’s going to step down and either play the #3 receiver in man coverage or he’ll plan an underneath zone.

      The boundary safety (BS) will either step play over the top to the numbers or drop to the middle of the field. Hartman initially reads left to the three receiver side. He sees the field safety step down, which means the boundary safety is going to roll to the middle, so Hartman immediately comes back to the boundary and bangs the outside go route.

      You can see it here:

      This is a thing of beauty. Quick and proper read, quickly gets his eyes and feet backside and throws a gorgeous pass. The ball travels about 48 yards in the air and Wake smokes FSU for a touchdown.

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        The only problem is sometimes our receivers don’t get off the line of scrimmage like that. Hopefully they improve on that part of their game.

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