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    What is up IB Nation!

    Its Friday and I am taking a quick break from work to make my first post. I finally have the weekend off from a second job and will be able to watch the game from the comfort of my own home. Really looking forward to this one. As an ND fan, we all know the season can go a lot of different ways, but beating USC brings us such happiness.

    What I will be watching most closely this weekend is the OL/DL play. As a former offensive right tackle, MLB, and nose tackle, I have to pay attention to the hogs in the trenches. What I have seen each week is flashes of improvement on both sides of the ball. Young O-line can be hard to watch at times but I do believe the talent is there. If I was a coach on BK’s staff, I would be preaching to the kids that they have to stay “physically tough”, “mentally tough” , and “Consistency”. It may just be me, but I have not yet seen this team “throw the first punch”. It takes a lot for this team to get fired up and fight back. When a rival comes into your house, and not just any rival, U-S-C, you HAVE to come out and swing first. Make no mistake, they want nothing more than to beat us at home.

    Jack Coan just needs to be Jack Coan. Make a play when the opportunity is there, but do not feel like you have to force anything. Lets get the run game going early and make Jack’s life easier later in the game. I really do believe in this kid and I am not a huge fan of the multiple QB in and out type of game plan, but understand they are trying to make things happen.

    Defense – I want to see lots and lots of hard hits. Have some attitude and swagger in this game – have fun out there. We have so much talent, but sometimes I feel like they are already out of place on a play or schemed wrong. Just line up and go hit the guy in front of you. DO NOT LET FOSKEY DO ANYTHING BUT RUSH THE PASSER PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY IN THIS WORLD, THE MAN NEEDS TO BE UNLEASHED.

    ND 35 USC 17


    Looking forward to a post after the game or Sunday! I hope everyone is doing well and God Bless! Go IRISH!!!!

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    Where’s the tailgate

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    Hey! Unfortunately I am not making it to the game but I believe there is a message posted by Bryan somewhere on the board about the tailgate. Good luck ! Go Irish!

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